Фотограф Святослав Александров

Hello, friends! Welcome to my site, i’m glad to see you here! My name is Svyatoslav Alexandrov and I’m a professional photographer and retoucher. Here you can order a photoshoot in various genres, like a portrait, beauty or nude. Or, if you are a photographer, you can order high-end retouching of your photos.
My way in this direction started in 2012. During this time I learned many things and significantly increased my skills level. Do you need a professional advertising photographer? Do you want a portrait shoot? Maybe you are a photographer and you need a high-end retoucher? Just check out my portfolio and if you like my style, contact me. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible and we’ll create something marvelous together.

The main directions of my work are advertising photography, beauty portrait photography and retouch.

Beauty photography. Me and my team will create amazing images, invite a models and bring your ideas to life. After the shoot we’ll choose the best photos and I’ll retouch it diligently.

Portrait. I like to photograph people. Each person is interesting. I photographed an opera singer, a family of tattoo artists, builders, businessmen, punks, a blues band, an artist, a doctor and many others interesting people of various professions. It’s no need to be a professional model to shoot by me, so, don’t be shy, contact me.

High-end retouch. If you are a photographer, but you don’t want or you don’t have much time to retouch your photos, contact me, I’ll help you with this! All photos on this site I retouched by myself. I use a professional software and advanced technics in my work to get the best quality.

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