Professional photo shoot

Nowadays photography has ceased to be something exceptional: cameras is everywhere - in computers, smartphones, even in toys. However even with most quality camera you don’t have a magic “create a masterpiece” button. Here you need a photographer, experienced professional, capable to choose a view and composition, to lighting, to catch a moment and emotions.
Adobe Photoshop can do a lot, but not all. Therefore it’s very important to choose a photographer, who will make your photos worthy of not only top positions in the Instagram, but also a family archive or a cover of the magazine. Are you looking for an experienced photographer? You are in the right place!

What is a photo shoot?

Photo shoot includes a three stages: preparation (story, decorations, props, location etc.), main (making of photos, actually, shoot) and final (color correction, retouch, printing etc.). This is lot of work. It can be compared with the shooting of a short film. Therefore, the cost of a photo shoot can’t be low. At the same time, more and more people are trying to order a photo shoot to:

  • to get quality photos for social media;
  • to their model or actor portfolio;
  • to make a gift to friends or relatives;
  • to tell the world about their business

So, a photo shoot is in great demand - people are trying to capture the moments of their lives, create a portfolio for the modeling agency, show in photos to their customers what they are doing.

What do you need to order a photo shoot?

First I recommend you read about advantages of working with me and check out my portfolio. It’s very important.

Why customers choose me?

Attention to detail

I will meet with you beforehand to discuss the idea, think about the character, choose the location for our shooting, so that everything is perfect. Preparation for shooting is a stage that can not be overemphasized.


If you order a photo shoot, you will certainly get high-quality photos. I have been doing photography for 5 years. I work with talented make-up artists, shoot beautiful models and interesting people. Our works are bought all over the world: you can find it on the websites of Glamour, L'Oréal, Nivea, in a german magazine Bunte, on covers of music albums, one of my pictures you can see in the music video of The Rolling Stones.

Punctuality and responsibility

Sometimes photographers fails to meet deadlines for the final result and even are late for shoot. In my opinion, this is unacceptable! A professional photographer should have such qualities as responsibility and punctuality. I always come to shooting on time, and my clients get the photos on time.

If you like my works, to order a photo shoot, just fill the contact form below, and I'll reply you very soon. But first, answer yourself the following questions:
1. What is the purpose of the photo shoot? You can capture reality, a certain mood, an existing or alternative character, make a photo shoot of your business or, if you are a model, add to your portfolio several professional photos.
2. Preferred price. It determines the amount of work and time that our shooting will take.
3. The plot wishes. This parameter determines the choice of location for photography, props and additional elements (if necessary - make-up artist, designer or professional models).
4. In what form do you want to get the result? Do you want a photos in digital, print or maybe photo book?


Studio photo shoot

It is convenient for everyone, as all necessary conditions, equipment, props are in place. Transportation costs are excluded. Studio shooting is suitable for a portrait, model tests, beauty and nude photos. Studios have all the necessary lighting equipment.

Street shooting

Requires to choose a location, and transportation costs, is carried out both in good weather conditions and on cloudy days, when the light is soft and diffuse. In clear weather a perfect time is before 10 am or after 4 pm. This is due to solar activity, creating unwanted light and shadow effects. Suitable for shooting street scenes, portrait, sports, etc.


Here is need additional preparation. We need to remove all objects that give glare or undesirable shadows, color spots, etc. In addition, you need to consider the area to accommodate the lighting, as well as the angle of the lens. My equipment allows to work in rooms from 20m2. The shooting in the interior is suitable for a portrait, various production scenes and many other directions.

The price of a photo shoot depends on several factors:

  • duration and location;
transportation cost;
  • other specialists (make-up artists, models, designers, assistants, etc.)

The price of a photo shoot also can be vary depending on an additional services you have selected. A photo session price is discussed individually with each client.
If you'll work with me, you can be sure that all photos will not be lost or accidentally erased - I store files in my computer and make a backup copies on external HDD. The storage period for files is 1 year. If you do not want your pictures to be seen by other people, for example, you ordered a photo shoot in nude genre, I guarantee confidentiality. All these moments also affect how much the photo session costs.


If you are still in doubt, just listen to what my customers say!

I liked the approach to work, Svyatoslav! Responsibility and professionalism is your main quality! Works at a high level!))) I wish you good luck in the development of your business!:))
Alexandra Pogosyan
Alexandra Pogosyan
Thank you for photos and professional approach! It was very pleasant to work together, to find common ideas and bring it to life!!! I wish you successes and further professional victories!!!
Ekaterina Ustyugova
Ekaterina Ustyugova
Svyatoslav, I really liked your approach to working with models. It's so easy to communicate, that at the moment of shooting you do not feel closed!) Retouching made me very happy! Well done ^^
Valeria Sargina
Valeria Sargina
I can say thank you for the photo, it was nice to be photographed and easy to communicate. Despite the non-studio atmosphere, it turned out great. Photos are very beautiful.
Olga Shilova
Olga Shilova

Text me right now to get a photos of unbelievable quality.

To order a photo shoot, please, send me email via contact form below. I'll reply you as soon as possible. Have a nice day!

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